The Studio

Chichester Yoga houses Chichester Yoga. We offer yoga at all levels, including private and group classes. Located just outside of Phoenicia, our studio is 1200 square feet of pure bliss on the Oxclove Creek. Beautiful mountain views abound and you may even see a creature or two meander by. Click here for directions.

Chichester Yoga Studio at Chichester YogaThe Chichester Yoga Studio is located in one of the few remaining buildings from the old Chichester furniture factories. In the 1930’s, the factory went bankrupt, whereupon the entire village was put up for auction.

During its history, the Chichester Yoga studio not only served as a factory building, but then as the hamlet’s general store and post office, and most recently as an internet web business studio.

These days, the area is a haven for artists, musicians, craftspeople, and a lot of other great folks.

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