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I was about to take a different YTT when Chichester Yoga, I believe, found me. It was the in-depth, heart-opening, and challenging experience I knew my soul was longing for. I am most grateful for the encouragement I received to breathe, and to discover my edge in order to expand and grow in the direction I only dared dreamed about. What I found on the other side was an enormous amount of strength, self-love, and my voice which continues to bloom. — S.B. 2014 Graduate

Chichester Yoga Teacher Training

Teacher Training Flyer

 Lalita Yoga combines energetics, intuitive touch and asana in a heated room. Both held poses and vinyasa are incorporated in the sequencing. You’ll notice Forrest Yoga in the sequencing choices, as it works very well for western bodies. The asana choices have their roots in the work of Anodea Judith and Bioenergetics.   You’ll clean your blood thought sweating out toxins, strengthen your body and safely lengthen the muscle and connective tissue.  Come learn to teach this transformative practice! Both beginner and experienced teachers will learn to teach in a way that is skillful and exciting and leave Chichester more healed and whole than they thought possible.

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When I started the Lalita Yoga Teacher Training, I felt like I had my act together (for the most part). I was physically fit, emotionally self-aware, comfortable in my yoga practice, eager to grow. But over the course of the training, I came completely undone — in ways I couldn’t have predicted. Megan teaches yoga as a healing art, and the nurturing environment she creates with her incredible generosity of spirit and other-worldly intuition made it possible for me to come undone safely. And then to put myself back together, with a sense of wholeness I hadn’t known was possible. With this training, I began to come fully into the person I was meant to be. And for that, I feel more gratitude than words can express. — John R. 2014 Graduate


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About the training with Megan Leigh

 Foundations of Teaching 1

January 17th-19th, 2015 and February 14th-16th, 2015

Please note, both sections are required. 
  • How to sequence and teach a basics yoga class/experienced teachers, learn techniques for multi-level classes
  • Hands-on assists
  • Meditation
  • Techniques and strategies for radiant mental and physical health.

A la Carte Cost: 1450/does not include housing

Foundations of Teaching 2

July 1-13th 2015

This is a continuation of the work done in Foundations 1. In this section you will focus on:

  • Assisting inversions
  • Energetics
  • Pacing
  • Personal style and telling your story.
  • Anatomy
  • Injuries
  • Teaching in a multi-level setting
  • Hands on assists
  • Expanding your knowledge of poses
  • Dynamic sequencing

A la Carte Cost: 2900/does not include housing 

Save by paying for the year in full: 4000.00

Additional Savings Opportunities: Pay by October 1st: 3,500.00

(850 off the A la Carte Price)


If you are interested in applying for this training or have questions, please email the studio and request an application.

There are no refunds on trainings or special events.