Megan Leigh-ERYT, Director

Megan has trained with shamans and healers around the world and infuses her classes with wisdom and humor. In her private sessions she combines Lalita Yoga with energetic healing, craniosacral therapy and Somatic Experiencing.  Megan also teaches in NYC, Brooklyn and Rwanda. Sign up for the mailing list on this website to stay in touch.


Suzanne Downie-RYT, Managing Teacher.

Suzanne teaches both Basics and Open Level Lalita Yoga. She teaches with humor and tremendous compassion for new students.

 Suzanne took the Lalita Yoga Teacher Training and never looked back.  She teaches with compassion and patience and is wonderful with beginners and advanced yogis alike.  Join her when you are ready for your first class or your 100th!



 Carla Ricciardone

Carla backbend


Carla teaches a challenging flow class with a nod towards Jivamukti. She is passionate and clear in her teaching style and gives tons of hands on assists. If you want listen to great music and practice a smartly sequenced vinyasa class, Rockasana is for you.  On the days you want to unwind and stretch, join her for Sink’n, a yin yoga class with held passive poses that both strengthen and lengthen the connective tissue and muscles.

Sjauna Buttacavoli

Sjauna has been a licensed massage therapist for the past 12 years.  She has always loved the healing powers of movement and touch.  This became evident even before her mother enrolled her in dance classes at an early age.  She remembers constantly dancing around the house with her own song in her head.  Self healing through yoga has become an essential component to Sjauna’s own life within the past 5 years.  It’s a profound gift to learn how to connect with oneself through conscious breath-work.  With this aim, we can gain more compassion for ourselves and therefore family, friends, and even strangers.  She is excited about having the opportunity to help others learn to heal and experience themselves.  Sjauna believes yoga is a medium in which we can create compelling unity through self love.